Your stay in a rural Scottish Church

...could easily get arranged to your requirements;
...from the single in our small, cosy suite to the romantic stay of two with or without a 2nd room as a snug ...or as self-catering with the benefit of your own private lounge and either a well-equipped kitchenette or a fully-equipped kitlchen, just look for The Sanctuary Apartments.
...from 2 to 13/14 guests; please ask for a floor plan of ground floor best to understand what's on offer..

 The character of The Old Church has been retained inside as well as out ... from a  gothic church with high rising bell tower (fully working) to original wooden floor & wainscoting as well as the original ventilation flaps, still useful.

Your perfect ESCAPE & RETREAT with the whole church hillock for You to find Your 'Secret Garden' s

The Sanctuary Apartments

Your Choice of

Sanctuary I - THE WHOLE  with up to 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 lounges , 

a fully equipped kitchen and a kitchenette 


Sanctuary II  - THE BACK  with up to 

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a lounge and a fully equipped kitchen 


Sanctuary III - THE FRONT  with up to 

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a lounge and a 

well equipped kitchenette

The Sanctuary Apartments are getting arranged to suit you best from 2 up to 13/14, just let us know.. 

The Church Suites

Your Choice of

SUITE  1 - perfect for the SINGLE or the young COUPLE with comfy daybed,

en suite

SUITE  2  - DOUBLE plus adjacent room

and a further room for up to 6/7 guests, private facilities

SUITE  3 - TRIPLE with double & single bed and a further room for up to 5/6 guests,

en suite

The arrangements as extended Suite 2 and 3 might include a further room with a comfy double daybed.
A shared guest lounge might be available.